First semester down!

Woah. This was a crazy first semester! From figuring out how to live in NYC (grocery shopping is an experience…) to adjusting to a new school and schedule, this semester has really been amazing. I’ve seen some fantastic shows in the city—The Richard Tucker Gala at Carnegie Hall, Samson e Delilah and Marnie at The Met, My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center, and Anthony Roth Costanzo’s Glass Handel at St John the Divine to name a few. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to grow here and soak in all of the things! Thanks everyone for the support and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Hi everyone! This school year has been a busy one, and it's only October!

It's my senior year at Concordia. I'm crazily getting ready for Grad School next year—applications, pre screens, new headshots, essays, audio recordings, etc. So much to do and so little time! Nonetheless, I'm so excited for the road ahead. I'm applying to schools like Manhattan School of Music, Northwestern University, Florida State, and a few more to get my Masters of Music in Opera/Voice Studies. I really can’t wait!

In addition to this, I am preparing for my senior recital next semester. I’m so pumped to share some of the latest stuff I've been working on! Keep an eye out for recital dates and new video and audio recordings!

Thanks for all the support.

xoxo   Mer



WOW! Just got back from Berlin a few days ago, and it is literally the best city ever. I had an amazing time with the Berlin Opera Academy.  It was an absolutely incomparable experience.  I had so many opportunities to perform and learn through masterclasses, agent auditions, lessons, coachings, staging rehearsals, movement classes, and German Diction/lessons.  The faculty at the program was incredible, including director Gidon Saks, choreographer Andrea Kingston, director of BOA Mark Sampson, Administrative director of BOA Jessica Farell, Soprano Pamela Armstrong, vocal coach Will Kelly, just to name a few.  I am missing the city, people, and opera scene there, but am now even more motivated to continue doing what I love!  





BOA 2017

BOA 2017

I just got back from South Africa a week ago.  What an exhausting and heartwarming tour!  The choir I am in (CUNE A Capella) toured Johannesburg, Middleburg, Soweto, Malealea, Swaziland, Lesotho, and many more cities within and near South Africa in May. I am still recovering from this trip and am about to turn around and leave the country again!!! Germany is a week away.  I will soon be going to Berlin to perform the role of 2nd Knabe in Mozart's Die Zauberflote with the Berlin Opera Academy.  I literally CANNOT wait to work with these amazing musicians that I will sing with.  I kind of accidentally stalked their Facebook profiles...and these people look awesome. I have been practicing my music tirelessly since I got my very own Barenreiter score a few months ago.  I'm sooooo excited.  Have I mentioned it's going to be the best thing ever?  Anyways, keep me in your thoughts  and prayers, please, as I travel to Germany and work with singers who are going to have voices like heavenly doves. I CAN'T WAIT. Eeeeek! Thanks for everything.  



Meeting a Legend: Joyce DiDonato

Meeting a Legend: Joyce DiDonato

Dec. 7, 2016: I got to meet the wonderful Joyce Didonato after her concert In War and Peace: Harmony through Music in Kansas City, Kansas at The Folly Theater this December and it was absolutely amazing. AMAZING. I was sobbing like a baby when I got to the table to meet her afterwards. I had been preparing what to say to her for the past hour in line while my husband Luke and I were waiting. “You have changed my life in so many ways”, “Your artistry and attention to detail in everything you do is so inspiring and motivates me everyday”. These were the things I had planned to say.  Guess what I actually said? “I like your hair”. Yeah. I didn’t at all tell her how much she meant to me and how she has changed the whole game for me.